there have been so many events that have challenged the topic of this post since i started this draft five weeks ago.  these events have come in the form of a personal and continuing family rift; an accident that miraculously did not have the fatal result that it courted; a series of deeply disturbing dreams; global events that have sickened me with despair; and an illness that is most

for each of these events the topic of recovery is even more apt.  before i go further though i must address our current global humanitarian crisis.

my heart is broken for the individuals and families that are being terrorized by isis.  please stand with me and others through avaaz, and pledge to face isis’s agenda of terror with love.  a very small gesture, but in the face of complete brutality and hopelessness it brings a small measure of comfort.

i cannot reconcile the hatred that has been displayed in my own country towards the very people who are already victims of this horrific regime.  the question echoes in my heart where is my canada?

and then while reading online i found this article about a man who has the compassion, generosity and resources to sponsor 50 refugee families.

omg, recovery!

this is my canada!  this is the home that i trust!  ReadyToHelp is a group that is pulling together resources and people to contribute in whatever way possible.  the actions of groups like RTH and people like jim estill have inspired in myself a turn away from despair and fear towards healing and hope.  the ripple effects of this kindness will continue to impact countless others.

to jim and his team of people making this happen (see “organizing syrian refugees” post), to the reporters that are putting out a message of love instead of suspicion and fear, and to the countless others that are giving whatever they can to help – know that your actions are supporting a powerful process of healing.  thank you for your kindness, generosity and

now for my original post…

recovery has been on my mind a lot recently.  it is a process that can come in so many forms, and at any time.  most of the time recovery is possible, and on occasion even an enjoyable process.  generally recovery takes the form of rest – a time of stillness, of peacefulness.  but it always includes the breakdown of one thing, that necessarily makes room for the growth of

perhaps that is the greatest miracle of this baffling existence.  that we can, within the space of a moment, experience the complexity of anger, compassion, helplessness, doubt, fear, love, inspiration, and despite our various wounds and agony we persevere. or maybe i have a multiple personality disorder.

IMG_0816a.sgas the northern hemisphere heads into its season of recovery i am grateful for a chance to settle my soul into the healing dark to rest. i hope that from this place of rest i can contribute a measure of healing, however big or small, to myself, to those i love, and to those that i can only reach through the ripple effects of small gestures.

may we all be blessed with


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