first show!

i celebrated my first show with friends last thursday night – yay!

this is a group show is in support of the families of the 43 mexican students who were abducted last year while en route to protest shady government policy. a year later these students are still missing, and there is no evidence of what has happened to them.  i cannot imagine what these people are living through or the pain these families are experiencing.

for this show each of the 16 artists donated a piece that will be auctioned on november 1st with the proceeds going to the families of the students.  below is my write up with the pieces i submitted (a couple are already posted elsewhere – i apologize for the redundancy):

blossom 3
cleanse 3
reverence 3


sanctuary 3
wish 3

stacey gardiner

in honour of the 43 i hope that the beauty of this work can provide a moment of relief in a world that is too often overwhelmed with horror

about me

i took my first macro shot with a point & shoot canon elph over 10 years ago and have been enthralled with exploring the world of tiny ever since. several canon reincarnations later i finally took the plunge with a “real” camera – a canon t3i with a 100mm f 2.8 macro lens. to my immense delight i found that my love for this art form continued to intensify and become part of me as my learning curve deepens.   

it is my hope that the images i capture bring you a moment of tranquility, peace, beauty, respite or whatever blessing is meaningful to you.

you can see these and other wonderful submissions in person at artisans at work – woodbine & danforth until october 1st.