first show!

i celebrated my first show with friends last thursday night – yay!

this is a group show is in support of the families of the 43 mexican students who were abducted last year while en route to protest shady government policy. a year later these students are still missing, and there is no evidence of what has happened to them.  i cannot imagine what these people are living through or the pain these families are experiencing.

for this show each of the 16 artists donated a piece that will be auctioned on november 1st with the proceeds going to the families of the students.  below is my write up with the pieces i submitted (a couple are already posted elsewhere – i apologize for the redundancy):

blossom 3
cleanse 3
reverence 3


sanctuary 3
wish 3

stacey gardiner

in honour of the 43 i hope that the beauty of this work can provide a moment of relief in a world that is too often overwhelmed with horror

about me

i took my first macro shot with a point & shoot canon elph over 10 years ago and have been enthralled with exploring the world of tiny ever since. several canon reincarnations later i finally took the plunge with a “real” camera – a canon t3i with a 100mm f 2.8 macro lens. to my immense delight i found that my love for this art form continued to intensify and become part of me as my learning curve deepens.   

it is my hope that the images i capture bring you a moment of tranquility, peace, beauty, respite or whatever blessing is meaningful to you.

you can see these and other wonderful submissions in person at artisans at work – woodbine & danforth until october 1st.


post 1 of …

hello and welcome!

celestial 3

the first post on a new blog is so intimidating.  there is so much i want to share with you, and i don’t know where to start at the same time.

a wise person once said that the best place to start is at the beginning.  i’ll spare you all of those details!  but the beginning of this specific journey – why i ended up putting my pics out into the vast multiverse that is the internet – is due to, well, me really liking the pics i took, and wondering if other people might too.

pretty egocentric i admit, but there you have it.  the support and praise from friends and family may have been generous (they are my friends after all), but the general consensus was that it wouldn’t hurt to have another angle on beauty put out into the world.

and as my ability to influence society for the better is…well…limited (to put it mildly)…this seemed like as good an idea as any.

i hope you find something interesting here and enjoy browsing.  eventually i will have more than one post to browse which may help in that regard.  i would love to hear your thoughts, your reactions to the images, or whatever story you have to share.

best to all,

stace xo